IF (International Fusionism) Art Show 107 N 4th St, Easton, PA 18042-3503, United States Easton, Pennsylvania

IF (International Fusionism) Art Show 107 N 4th St, Easton, PA 18042-3503, United States Easton, Pennsylvania
02.04.2017, 18:00
in 107 N 4th St, Easton, PA 18042-3503, United States PA
Please join us for an opening of the International Fusionism Art Museum & Academy, Easton for a collective art show of local and international artists in its newly renovated galleries.

Sponsored by IF and IF's Founder Shalom Neuman, IF will showcase local artists Virginia Abbot, Francis Beaty, Kim Christman, Josh Finck, Michael Kondel, Sarah Reasor, Jeremy Siedt, Angel Suarez-Rosado, Reinaldo Valentin, among others, with New York- and international-based artists Art Kaye, Konstantin Bokov, Monty Cantsin, Ian Croft, Brian Gormley, Gregory Kolm, JongWang Lee, Luisa Leon, Shalom Neuman, Orange, Jerry Pagane, Doron Polak, Phil Rostek, Ian Schwartz, Emir Tabakovic and The Unbearables.

Co-curated by Marian Silliman and Emir Tabakovic.

The IF Art show will run from February 4th - February 25th, and local artists' work will be for sale.

Started by New York- and Easton-based artist Shalom Neuman, the IF Museum network is headquarted in NYC's Lower East Side at 57 Stanton Street and is the only museum network dedicated to the exhibition and archiving of multi-disciplinary or fusion art. This will be the first art show at the IF Museum & Academy on Fourth and Spring Garden Streets in downtown Easton.

Fusion art, as Shalom Neuman defines, is "the successful integration of all media into one indistinguishable statement in which a single art work bridges the barriers between artistic disciplines of painting, sculpture, light, sound, performance theater, digital art and/or the written and spoken word, creating a multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory environment, the fusion of classical tradition with our continuing cultural and technological evolution."

Musical performance may be provided; more information information will be forthcoming.
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