A Promise Stitched In Time Launch Party Haddonfield,NJ Haddonfield

A Promise Stitched In Time Launch Party Haddonfield,NJ Haddonfield
10.13.2018, 10:00
in Haddonfield,NJ Haddonfield NJ
Local Writer Launches Her Debut Novel
Meet author and illustrator, Colleen Rowan Kosinski, at the book launch party of A Promise Stitched In Time (Schiffer Publishing) October 13, 2018 at the independent bookstore, Inkwood Books 31 Kings Hwy. E., Haddonfield, NJ. A Promise Stitched in Time is set in South Jersey and some readers may recognize, places and names woven throughout story. Help Colleen celebrate the launch of her debut novel with treats, conversation, and a personalized message signed in the copy of your purchased novel! While in Haddonfield peruse the Haddonfield Fall Arts Festival happening on Kings Highway.

A Promise Stitched In Time is a middle grade novel that tells the story of Maggie McConnell. Maggie is determined to keep the promise she made to her father before he died. She must win a scholarship to a prestigious art program, but her grief gets in the way as she struggles to find her artistic vision. When Maggie purchases an old tweed coat as inspiration, she never guesses this fur-collared coat will forever change the way she views life and her place in it. The coat awakens her muse, but also something else-Maggie believes its previous owner haunts the coat. Dreams and visions give way to clues to the past, and then a Holocaust victim’s tattoo appears on her arm. With the help of a steampunk-dressing school outcast named Taj, Maggie must decipher what the ghost wants her to discover, and in the process find herself.

Teachers: a 42 page Teacher’s Guide accompanies the novel. This free downloadable guide is available on Colleen’s website at ColleenRowanKosinski.com
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